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Los Angeles Family Photographer-About
Los Angeles Family Photographer-About

katee grace

talk soon,

When asked recently why I do what I do Why photography?

I begin to rattle something about my photography skills coupled with my creative eye and my natural love for children and family environments... But then, as tears well in my eyes, and the honesty within my heart strains the words from leaving my lips, I respond. The truth is, my dad died when I was a little girl and while there are some photos, that's really all I have besides my little girl memories. I wish I had more photos, I wish I had photos that showed our relationship more fully, because I can never get that time back, and I will never create another memory with my dad This is why I do what I do, because the photos I take, will be lifelong memories of the most cherished moments and relationships with those we love, being true family heirlooms.

Your family and your moments in each season of life are treasures that I am honored to capture.

I look forward to hearing from you about how I can best capture the love in your family, whether it's through a Katee Grace Fine Art Family Portrait Session or a Day in the Life Family Day, for those families that want to document their family in a whole different way.